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August 6, 2015
Trido Industries Solar-Powered Compressor
August 20, 2015
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Trido Industries Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pumps


Trido Industries provides reliable solutions for a cleaner future in the Oil & Gas industries by developing zero vent technologies.  The company developed a high-efficiency solar powered motor and control system that powers small compressors to provide instrument air, chemical injection pumps, air exchange fans and liquid transfer pumps.

The company is committed to helping eliminate fuel gas as power for pneumatic chemical injection pumps or a power source of instruments and glycol circulation pump.  This greatly reduces fuel gas venting; increases gas available for sale and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  The solar powered  equipment is more actuate thereby reducing chemical use, can be controlled remotely and prevents problems caused pump failures.


Corma Industries was asked by Trido Industries to assist them with the design and implementation of the duel-head and quad-head gearbox adaptors used on the Trido solar powered chemical injection pump.

Chemical injection pumps (CIPs) are used widely in the oil and gas industry.  Their primary purpose is to inject relatively small amounts of chemicals into process streams to enable the production and processing of petroleum products.

There are about 100,000 gas wells in Canada, the majority in remote locations without ready access to electrical power. CIPs and instruments deployed in these gas wells are typically powered by pressurized natural gas using pneumatic mechanisms. While pneumatically powered CIPs and instruments are simple they are not reliable at low rates and the amount of gas that these pneumatic mechanisms bleed is significant.


We sat down at the table with Trido, rolled up our sleeves, and after many meetings and hours of planning and experimenting, we came up with a viable design that we knew would be successful. Once we refined the design, we then manufactured several prototypes. After testing and retesting the approved prototype, we then manufactured the duel and quad gearbox adaptors for Trido, modifying and changing the plan to solve design issues.


The market response in Canada has been excellent.  Trido Industries has sold thousands of units to some of the largest oil & gas companies in Canada.  The company has plans to expand their market share in the United States.

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