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August 14, 2015
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January 12, 2016
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Trido Industries Solar-Powered Compressor


Trido Industries provides reliable solutions for a cleaner future in the Oil & Gas industries by developing and selling zero vent technologies.  The company wanted to create high-efficiency solar powered motor and control system that powers small compressors to provide instrument air, chemical injection pumps, air exchange fans and liquid transfer pumps.


Corma was approached by Trido in 2010 to help turn their solar powered compressor design ideas into reality. We worked in partnership with the client, listening to their needs, asking questions to understand their objectives and challenges.

Corma helped create an innovative solar-powered compressor designed specifically to provide instrument air for oil & gas processing equipment.  It can be used anywhere to replace fuel gas allowing sale instead of venting, creating a safer and cleaner environment.  It mitigates the use of propane and bottle gases for instrumentation, avoiding the costly issue caused when propane freezes in tanks and instruments.


We sat down at the table with Trido, rolled up our sleeves, and after many meetings and hours of planning and experimenting, came up with a viable design that we knew would be successful. We then manufactured a prototype. Once approved, we manufactured the compressor for them.


The solar-powered compressor has been extremely successful and Trido Industries has sold them to several large Albertan oil & gas companies.  They are currently approaching oil & gas companies in different markets including the US.  Corma has continued to partner with Trido on other projects, including the development and production of duel and quad head gearbox adaptors for Trido’s solar-powered chemical injection pump.

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