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June 7, 2016
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The Secret to Successful Manufacturing: Focus on What You Are Good At

If it’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years of manufacturing, it is impossible to be everything to everyone. You must focus on the “craft” of machining, rather than the industry you are working in.

What is Corma Industries’ secret to being such a successful machine jobbing shop in Calgary, AB despite the current recession? Knowing what we are the best at and focusing strictly on that, is the key. Here’s why.

The process of machining is more than just operating a machine, pushing buttons and spitting out parts. For Corma, It is all about relationships. The machine jobbing shop’s role is to fully understand the machining process.  It begins with listening to the client’s needs, discussing the job at hand, while liaising with vendors to get the right material on time at the right price.

It also means working with machine and tooling suppliers to make sure we have the right equipment and tools for the correct application. It is crucial to concentrate on purchasing specialized tooling and fixtures that will streamline our business and improve processes. The customer’s job is to focus on engineering and obtaining a top quality product in order to be the best in their industry. They are the experts in what they do after all.

These are all critical elements to successful machining. But what sets Corma Industries apart from other competing machine shops is becoming an expert in a specific process of machining. It is the best way to satisfy our customers’ expectations. They can be assured they are receiving focused-value in the top-quality produced parts.

Prodis RunningAt Corma Industries, we specialize on milling. Milling, of course, is a machining process where a rotary cutter removes material that remains stationary in a clamped vice. We have established ourselves as experts in milling operations with a fast set-up and turnaround times. We specialize in manufacturing intricate items like housings, fixtures, bracketing, manifolds and more. Our state-of-the-art vertical and horizontal milling machines are tailor-designed to produce high-quality parts, whether is a one-off custom prototype or a medium-volume production run. New and existing customers know that we are the experts in milling and seek us out through because of our reputation.

Corma is perfectly able to handle our customer’s turning, welding and grinding needs. But because we believe in the motto “you can’t be everything to everyone,” we know that developing transparent alliances with other successful, like-minded and expert machine shops that specialize in other machining processes will ensure that our customers get the top-quality service for all their application needs. For example, Corma has excellent and transparent relationships with machine shops specializing in welding, waterjetting, honing, turning, EDM wiring, electroplating, anodizing, etc. As a jobbing shop, our role is to cater to our clients by facilitating the other machining related operations, making the customer’s job easier, quicker and less stressful.

The benefits of being an expert in specific area of machining are obvious to clients. Machine shops are more able to become very organized in what they do. For example, they can purchase the best machines and equipment for the right application. They can organize their shop floor to maximize efficiency, knowing ahead of time what types of cutters, inserts and end mills to buy. The routing steps used can be streamlined to optimize efficiency in order to keep costs and turnaround times shorter. In the end, specialized machine shops with a key focus on one or more machining process will produce higher-quality parts, manufactured by top experts in the field.

While Alberta is still in the midst of an economic slump, and even though the price of oil has risen to the $50 price point in recent months, machine jobbing shops should be diversified in other markets (solar and alternative energies, automotive, mining, retail, etc.) But specializing in one or more machining focus(es) with strong alliances with other expert machine shops at the top of their specialized area has been the key to our success during the recession.

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