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May 13, 2016
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June 7, 2016
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Corma Industries featured on CBC Calgary News

On Tuesday, May 24, 2016 Corma Industries was featured in a CBC Calgary News story focusing on the state of manufacturing in Alberta. Jennifer Lee, from CBC News Calgary, came to our shop to discuss how manufacturers and small machine shops are coping during the economic downturn. The story appeared online as well as on CBC Radio News in the morning.

We took the opportunity to stress how important it is for government at all levels to support and promote manufacturing in Alberta. People tend to forget that manufacturing is at the center of virtually every industry and is essential to Canada’s GDP growth. But, the government and the Canadian private sector have been outsourcing this vital sector to foreign countries, instead of keeping it in the country where it contributes to the federal and provincial GDP, pays taxes and most importantly, it maintains and supports, our Canadian way of life. Now that the oil and gas industry has dropped, manufacturing is also suffering. Government officials at all levels need to support this vital sector and promote Alberta’s manufacturing industry when they go abroad.

Check out the CBC online news story at: Alberta manufacturing drops 15%, battered by economic downturn

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